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讲座题目:关于可持续技术的催化剂设计前沿研究 Frontiers of Catalyst Design for Sustainable Technologies

报 告 人:Pérez-Ramirez Javier

时   间:2019年11月7日(周四)14:30-16:30

地   点:中关村校区研究生教学楼101报告厅




    Pérez-Ramirez Javier现就职于瑞士苏黎世联邦10bet体育学院。曾在阿利坎特大学主修化学工程,2002年从代尔夫特10bet体育大学取得博士学位。毕业后先在挪威海德罗和亚拉国际(2002-2005)从事一段时间产业工作,后又以ICREA教授身份加入西班牙加泰罗尼亚化学研究所。2010年,Javier被瑞士苏黎世联邦10bet体育学院聘为催化工程学教授。研究兴趣包括催化材料的设计以及如何应对当前和未来社会的能源、资源和环境挑战。主要研究方向为利用定制化纳米结构材料对可再生能源、二氧化碳和天然气进行资源化利用。发表论文数量超过400篇,是20多个专利的联合发明人。迄今为止,已获得七个奖项,包括奥托·罗伦奖(2012)、欧洲催化学会联合会青年研究者奖(2013)、贝尔比奖章(2014)、英国皇家化学学会可持续能源奖(2017)以及北美催化学会保罗·休·艾米特基础催化奖(2019)。他是《催化科学和技术》(Catalysis Science and Technology)主编,在瑞士化学会催化分会(SwissCat)担任主席。从2018年开始在新加坡国立大学Isaac Manasseh Meyer担任讲座教授,领导该校的“旗舰绿色能源”(Flagship Green Energy)项目。


Pérez-Ramirez Javier works in ETH Zurich. He studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Alicante and received his PhD degree at Delft University of Technology in 2002. Following a period in industry at Norsk Hydro and Yara International (2002-2005), he joined the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia as an ICREA Professor before being appointed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich as the Professor of Catalysis Engineering in 2010. His research focuses on the design of catalytic materials tackling current and future energy, resource, and environmental challenges of society. The main topics of interest include the valorization of renewables, carbon dioxide, and natural gas using tailored nanostructured materials. He has published over 400 articles and is co-inventor of more than 20 patents. He has been recognized by several awards, most recently the Otto-Roelen-Medal (2012), the EFCATS Young Researcher Award (2013), the Beilby Medal and Prize (2014), the RSC Sustainable Energy Award (2017), and the Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis for the North American Catalysis Society (2019). He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Catalysis Science and Technology and as President of SwissCat, the Catalysis section of the Swiss Chemical Society. Since 2018, Javier is Isaac Manasseh Meyer Chair Professor at the National University of Singapore and directs the NUS Flagship Green Energy program.



    非均相催化很可能是与化学工业关系最紧密的研究领域,它通过改善原材料的利用效率、实现从化石原料向可再生原料的转变、减少能源消耗以及最小化环境足迹等方面来促进生产过程可持续性的提高。 为了应对这些挑战,这一充满活力的研究领域正变得越来越依靠理性设计驱动。日益强大的研究工具也促成了这一转变,使得不同的时间和尺度范围内的基础认知都得到了发展。 异相催化剂的设计(不久前的梦想)已成为现实。 在本次演讲中,我将讨论来自实验室的最新实例,从而说明如何聪明地提高对催化过程的认识并激发革命性的技术进步。


Heterogeneous catalysis is quite possibly the most relevant discipline in the chemical industry, spearheading improvements in process sustainability by improving the exploitation of raw materials, enabling the transition from fossil to renewable feedstocks, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing the environmental footprint. To confront these challenges head on, this vibrant discipline is becoming increasingly designdriven, a shift which is facilitated by the availability of increasingly powerful tools that enable the continued development of fundamental knowledge over different time and length scales. The design of a heterogeneous catalyst, a dream not long ago, is becoming a reality. In this talk, I will discuss recent examples from my laboratory to illustrate how this intellectual growth in the understanding of catalyzed processes can kindle revolutionary technological advancements. 

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